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Our Loan Assistance Options

During this time, we want to help our members before they may become delinquent on their loan payments.

If you would like to apply for mortgage forbearance or a personal loan extension, you may be eligible if:

  • You do not have a Credit Union loan that is currently more than 60 days delinquent
  • You do not have any overdrawn accounts at the Credit Union
  • You have made at least one payment on the loan for which you are requesting assistance

If you are eligible, please complete this form, and you will hear back from us within the next 3 to 5 business days, either via a DocuSign notice to your email on file or a call to your telephone number on file.

We are processing the requests in the order they are received, and submitting this form is the fastest way to get your request reviewed.

Please scroll down for more details to help fill out the form.

Q. Where can I find my Member Number?

A. The easiest way to find it is to log-on to Online Banking and click on the eStatement section. (If you have not yet signed up for eStatements, you will need to confirm your email address and agree to the terms first.) Your Member Number is in the left hand column labeled Account Number.

You can also find your member number in Online Banking by selecting your Primary Savings and then selecting Account Details. Once you click on Account Details you will see your member number on the MICR line.

For many members, your Member Number consists of the last whole numbers in the sequence.

If you became a part of the Credit Union through a merger, your Member Number may start with two whole numbers followed by two zeroes and more whole numbers.

Q. What should I include in my hardship description?

A. Tell us in detail why you are not able to make loan payments at this time. For example, “lost my job” or “unable to work because caring for a sick relative.” Please note that just writing the words “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” is not an acceptable description.

Q. What are my mortgage forbearance options?

A. You can choose how many payments to skip and the length of time you have to pay back the missed payments once the forbearance period is over. Remember that your mortgage payments will increase once the forbearance period is over and the repayment period starts.

The options are:

  • 3 month forbearance – 12 month repayment
  • 3 month forbearance – 24 month repayment
  • 3 month forbearance – 36 month repayment
  • 6 month forbearance – 24 month repayment
  • 6 month forbearance – 36 month repayment

If you are granted mortgage forbearance, we will not consider your payments delinquent during the forbearance period and your credit will not be affected.

Q. What does your consumer loan extension program offer?

A. Existing auto, personal, and solar loans as well as personal lines of credit may qualify for loan term extension of up to 90 days. The missed payments are added to the end of your loan.

If you are granted an extension on your consumer loan, your missed payments are considered current and your credit will not be affected.

Q. Am I eligible for this program if I’ve already received mortgage forbearance or a loan extension in the past?

A. As part of this program, we are allowing members who received prior assistance to apply for assistance again.

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